Developing a Concept Statement

An effective concept establishes a restaurant's identity. It distinguishes the operation from others in the
market area and allows the restaurant to attract particular customer groups.
Understanding customer preferences is essential in developing an appropriate concept. It is important to
realize that concepts appropriate for one area may not be appropriate for another. Using data already
gathered, this section will help you refine your concept and evaluate its suitability for your market area.
Concept involves the entire dining experience, not just the type of food offered. Elements that define a
restaurant's concept include decor, lighting, menu, food preparation and presentation, service, price,
location, and size. Even the name of the establishment conveys a sense of the concept.

To help refine your restaurant idea, describe your proposed operation in one or two sentences. Use the
elements in the concept refinement worksheet to expand upon your concept statement .

The following questions will help you determine if your concept is suitable for your market area. Use
information from earlier sections to answer them.

· What segments of the population are you targeting with this concept? Consider age, income,
marital and family status, and other relevant demographic characteristics.

· How large are these market segments within your market area? Is the market growing?

· What share of the market can you reasonably expect to capture?

· Will this customer base be large enough to support your operation?

Answer these and other relevant questions to determine if your restaurant idea is suitable for your market

Use the following checklist to complete this part of your market analysis.
  • Concept Statement:
  • Restaurant Name:
  • Independent or Chain Affiliation:
  • Theme (ethnic, regional...):
  • Atmosphere/Decor:
  • Menu (sample appetizers/soups, entrees and desserts):
  • Signature Items on Menu:
  • Food Preparation/Presentation/Portions:
  • Alcoholic Beverage Service:
  • Service:
  • Banquets/Catering:
  • Entertainment:
  • Price Range:
  • o Breakfast
  • o Lunch
  • o Dinner
  • Number of Seats:
  • Hours of Operation:
  • Overall, concept is different and unique because: